For The Love Of Music

Hello Readers,

Welcome to Push Play & Listen, a blog dedicated to music and the artists. My name is Shelby Madson and I am currently studying Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. I have been a huge music fan since I learned the lyrics to “Stay (I Miss You)” by Lisa Lobe at the age of 2. I spent the next 18 years expanding my music tastes and gaining a new appreciation for artists who put themselves into their music. This blog will highlight music news, review the latest albums and present newly signed and inspiring artists. I hope to share new music with you and I hope that you all share new music with me too. Feel free to email me or comment anytime with blog ideas, new music that you have found, a new cover artist you found on YouTube or a new album you just can’t stop listening to. At the end of the day it is all about the love of music and sharing your passion with other people.I hope you enjoy this blog and it creates a community of people who can’t live without the music.

Best Wishes,

Shelby Madson



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