Hunter Hayes’ Single Talks “Crazy” Love

Platinum selling country singer/songwriter Hunter Hayes premiered his new single “I Want Crazy” last night on the Academy of Country Music Awards.

“I Want Crazy” is the first single off of Hayes’ reboot of his debut album “Hunter Hayes (Encore).” The song starts with a strong catchy guitar riff much like that of his first single “Storm Warning.”

Hayes’ voice comes in strong talking about catching a flight to see is love’s eyes and the “fall” he took for her.

“Yeah, our first date, girl, the season changed/That got washed away in a summer rain/You can’t undo a fall like this/’Cause love don’t know what distance is.”

The song’s theme revolves around Hayes ability to only think about his girl and describes the best love is one filled with unexplainable feelings and spontaneous actions spawned for your feelings.

“Yeah, I wanna be scared, don’t wanna know why/I wanna feel good, don’t have to be right/The world makes all kinds of rules for love/I say you gotta let it do what it does.”

For more lyrics, head over to Pop! Goes the Chart.

On top of the catchy music, Hayes lyrics come off truthful while staying light and playful.

Hayes’ songwriting ability is continuing to grow and this song is proof of it as once again the simplicity of his word choices depict a very colorful and relatable picture.

In Hayes’ weekly webisode For The Love Of Music, he talks about the natural progression of the song and how it stands to be a song that incorporates a combination of themes from his other songs, like number one singles “Wanted” and “Somebody’s Heartbreak.” You can hear all about it in the video below.

Hayes premiered the song last night on the Academy of Country Music Awards. It was a lively performance which incorporated Hayes’ signature chalked lyrics look, balloons and confetti. Catch is performance below.

Will “I Want Crazy” be able to follow Hayes’ previous singles to the number 1 spot on country radio? Only time will tell, but the song it built to be a song of the summer.

“I Want Crazy” is available for download now. Hayes’ rerelease, “Hunter Hayes (Encore)” hits selves June 18th and is available for pre-order on and iTunes.

Hayes’ site has a bunch of deals available. If you pre-order a digital copy of  “Hunter Hayes (Encore)” you will receive an instant download of “I Want Crazy.”

On May 7th, the site will launch VIP presale packages that will feature exclusive merchandise, a physical copy of the cd and more. Those who pre-order the digital copy of the album through will receive a $9.99 credit towards those VIP presale packages.



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