Song of the Week 4/9/13

The very first Song of the Week is awarded to “See You Tonight” by platinum selling country artist Scotty McCreery. The single was released today and is special in many ways. First being the first single off of McCreery’s new album that will be released sometime later this year. This song also marks McCreery’s first contribution to songwriting.

The song showcases a new sound than McCreery’s previous music. McCreery was interviewed on GAC’s live ACM Red Carpet where he talked about the new sound.

“We’re trying to find my sound,” McCreery said. “Frank Rogers, the guy we’re working with right now, he’s done a really good job finding that sound and making it unique. We’re excited for the fans to hear it.”

The song showcases youthful lyrics that relate to McCreery’s live style and love. The song revolves around McCreery’s need to see his girl tonight instead of looking at her pictures. The song shows off a more contemporary side of McCreery.

So push play & listen to this week’s song of the week, “See You Tonight.



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