JLS: Goodbye to the Talented Boy Band

JLS fans everywhere today were struck with some unexpected news. JLS, a British boy band of 5 years, will call it quits. They released a message to their fans through their website stating that they “have decided to bring [their] time as a band to an end.”

Their message gave no specific reason for the split but stressed that they were grateful for all the success that they have received. Whatever the reason, fans everywhere are saddened by the news.

The good news to the announcement,  (if you can even call it that), is that the band is currently in the studio recording the final album “Goodbye: The Greatest Hits.” They will release the single from that album later this year and following that release they will embark on a goodbye arena tour to give their fans one last memory of them.

It’s seems here the boy band five year curse may not be myth at all. However, could JLS really be over forever? Well only time will answer that question for us and who knows what the future will hold. Many boy bands have reunited after breaks. New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys are perhaps the biggest example. Both bands spilt up for years only to be reunited years later to continue sharing their music with their loyal fans.

While the spilt is going to happen, even though fans everywhere are praying it’s just a joke, I wish nothing but the best for Marvin, Aston, Oritsé and JB.

For those of you who don’t know, JLS  is a quartet made up of Aston Merrygold (25), Marvin Humes (28), Jonathan “JB” Gills (26) and Oritsé Williams (26). The band was signed in 2008 after being the runner-up in the fifth season of UK’s X-Factor.

They have seen a lot of success in the UK. They have sold over 10 million albums, accumulated 5 number one hits and won 2 Brit awards (the British equivalent of the Grammys). They’ve caused fan pandemonium over in the UK and several other countries for years before band’s like One Direction and The Wanted hit the scene.

It’s a sad moment when a band’s journey comes to an end and talent, no matter what genre, ceases to be showcased. Time will tell whether solo careers will emerge or if a reunion will happen, but for now it is time for music fans alike to come together and celebrate the talent that is JLS. For that reason Push Play & Listen will launch a special Celebrating JLS post later this week.

But for now I leave you with one of my favorite JLS songs, so Push Play & Listen and rejoice in JLS.


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