Song of the Week 4/30/13

Hello readers it’s time for another Song of the Week. This week I picked a newly released song from a band that has released a lot of good news lately and who is gearing up for a summer tour. This week’s winner goes to “Like Nobody’s Around” by Nickelodeon boy band Big Time Rush.

Big Time Rush is comprised of Logan Henderson (23), James Maslow (22), Carlos Pena Jr (23) and Kendall Schmidt (22). They are stars of the show of the same name that first premiered in 2009 on Nickelodeon. The show will start its fourth season on May 2.

This song gives the old advice of doing what you love to do without worry about what others may think about it or you. It’s a great message in general but and even better message to the younger audience that is targeted for Big Time Rush’s TV show. Don’t let their boyish looks get to you those this quartet can really sing.

The music video below, which is from their show, features only part of the song but showcases a lot of history…boy band history that is. Take a look at it and see how many boy bands you can name.

So push play and listen as Big Time Rush encourages you to do what makes you happy no matter what anybody else thinks about it and takes you through the long history of the boy band. Enjoy!

Big Time Rush have announced their Summer Break Tour with Victoria Justice, which kicks off on June 21. The band released the track list for their upcoming third album, entitled “24/seven,” which will be released on June 11. You can pre-order and purchase “Like Nobody’s Around” now on iTunes.


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