Song of the Week 6/11/13

Another Tuesday is upon us and this week’s winner was easy to pick as it has been on replay since I heard it last Tuesday. That day I went to The Maine’s album release party at Tempe Marketplace to see A Rocket To The Moon play and was pleasantly surprised when This Century took the stage before them.

The release party was the opener for The Maine’s current tour. I had never heard of This Century before but people in the crowd certainly had. It was the coolest thing being on the outside and watching a band interact with their excited fans. The Phoenix native band clearly enjoyed themselves and the music sounded great. I was throughly impressed by lead singer Joel Kanitz and his performance. Not only did his voice sound amazing but he looked seasoned as he moved all over the stage and interacted with the fans.

There was one excited fan close to where I was standing who knew every word to every song they played and she was really enjoying the show. She was dancing and singing along excitedly and she didn’t go unnoticed to Kanitz either. Multiple times he saw her excitement and acknowledged her, making eye contact while he sang, pointed out to here and smiled as she sang along with him. She wasn’t standing anywhere close to the front row but at that moment is seemed like those two were the only ones in the room and the smile on that girls face after this happen was indescribable.

I had been enjoying the music already but this made me want to root for This Century and when they played “Everywhere Everything” I was completely hooked. I went home and ordered both their CD’s and I am now lucky enough to say that not only am I a fan of This Century, I also got to see them live. So after these events it made sense to honor This Century with this week’s song of the week. So without further ado this is “Everywhere Everything.” For more information on This Century visit their website and if you get a chance to see them live, I highly recommend it.


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